Exercises for Cankles

There are some steps you can do today in order to help reduce the size of your cankles. I know, we all hate to exercise, but to reap great rewards we must work at getting them.

One of the simplest in my opinion is making time to walk. 20 mins a day can make a HUGE difference. When my father was diagnosed with diabetes, he started walking everyday. It was hard for him at first, but he walked off 20 1bs in just a couple months. He started slow, but now walks up to an hour every other day. He feels younger and he controls his sugar levels without medication.

If time is still an issue, then make the most of what you have. Park farther away from work so that you get more walking in. Can you walk to the store for an item you need to pick up? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Use your imagination. Its okay if you cant do it everyday, but you do need to start doing something every week in order to make a difference.

Another favorite of mine is simple calf raises. You can do this by standing next to a chair and just stretching up to your tippy toes. Hold it from 3 seconds and then back down. When you get more advanced, you can do a jumping calf raise. The explosive effort of jumping at the top of your stretch will tighten up your muscles in your ankles.

Simple stretching and rotation of your ankle (gently!) can help stretch your muscles and increase blood flow. This may ease up some of the swelling over time.

Proper dieting and exercise will always help with your health, and I suggest this more natural way than getting cankle liposuction. Good luck and keep checking out the site for more updated information.

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